The Fast Track Digital Marketing Plan

The Fast Track Digital Marketing Plan

The idea of Digital Marketing Planning or creating a Digital Marketing Strategy may strike fear into those who have not been through a formal process of digital marketing qualifications or study. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of key things to consider that will allow anyone, in whatever industry and type of organisation from commercial through charity to public sector, to create and deliver highly effective digital marketing and social media activities.

To build a fast track digital marketing plan just fill in the details in the list below and you will be on your way. It might not be the definitive, perfect plan, but it will be plenty enough to get started and to allow you to measure progress as you continuously improve your delivery:

Visibility Being in the right place, in the right channels at the right time is essential. Everything moves so quickly in digital so make sure you understand what time of day, what day of the week and in which channels and social networks your target audience are active to ensure you are visible to them.

Local and Relevant It’s all about customising the experience, the content and delivery so that the audience feels it was designed just for them. Pure personalisation is often difficult, costly and at times impossible, so focus on understanding what the target audience really want to hear and ensure that you appear local, relevant and authentic.

Thought Leadership Nobody really cares about product or service per se. It’s much more about aligning your brand with their lifestyle, their perceived needs and challenges and solving problems by giving the target audience great outcomes. Providing content that demonstrates thought leadership will elevate you beyond the competition and ensure you are the ‘go to’ person or brand that your customers will value most.

Authenticity We have mentioned this earlier and it’s vital. With online peer to peer reviews and transparent discussions in the public domain it is essential that everything you portray is delivered with good intent, honesty and authenticity. Be true to yourself, your brand and your target audience and authenticity will shine. This is a key element in the definition of being a ‘social business’.

Content Move on from viewing content as simply words. Today content is as much about imagery and video and live broadcast ( as it is about the written word. Be attractive to the search engines as much as you are to your most loyal customers by balancing words, images and video to deliver a rich and engaging experience.

Wider Buy-in It’s only really possible to deliver great public experience and value if the whole of your organisation is on-side and supporting your endeavours. Today everyone in the organisation is a marketer whether they think so or not so ensure everyone understands the goals, the process, the campaigns and value of your digital marketing. Enable the keen people to contribute to your content too.

Champion You are in a key role in your organisation if you own your digital marketing plan. It’s your responsibility to measure everything that you do and to report it back to the wider business in ways and terminology they understand. Show positive outcomes and things you are still working on and give them an opportunity to contribute to the efforts. Clear and regular internal communication will win.

Prioritisation You cannot do everything so focus on the things that will deliver most value to the achieving the wider organisational strategic goals. If you aren’t sure of these strategic (3 to 5 years out) objectives then set some yourself and balance objective and subjective, financial with softer goals like customer perception and quality of online conversations. Every day make sure it is your top priority to achieve these most important things.

Data Quality The quality of your customer and market information is key. Be vigilant and constantly seeking new ways of improving the data you hold about your customers, partners, and suppliers. Constantly refresh records and addresses and you’ll always have at your disposal the best and most appropriate routes through to engaging with your target audience.

Return on Resource, Time & Investment Everyone talks about return on investment but in digital marketing and social media it’s as important to focus on return on time spent being active online. Measuring the return on resource (people, time and budget) is probably a more rounded method of demonstrating the value of your strategic and tactical marketing activity. It’s more than just about the money.

Advocacy At the end of the day you may hit the numbers, you may deliver great returns and achieve your tactical objectives but to truly know you have got it right in your digital marketing and social networking, it’s the advocacy from your customers, staff, peers, partners and suppliers that really counts. To maintain a sustainable and growing business in today’s online world means that advocacy is a true measure of just how you are really performing. When someone else recommends, shares, or advocates, then you know you are on track and preparing your organisation for the challenges of tomorrow.

For help in putting all of these elements together, Viper Marketing can help by way of planning sessions and workshops with you and your team. We can also extend your current resource by helping you deliver too. Contact us if you need help.