The Art of Social Sharing

The Art of Social Sharing

Cornelia Parker has worked some minimal genius at this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, London. There is so much her simple approach can advise great digital content strategy and blogging.

World renowned Cornelia is exhibiting an evolving work of art which last year drew critical acclaim and this year re-uses the same artwork, yet builds upon it.

The original work was a simple framed white square with little red round stickers adorning its lower left corner. As art exhibition aficionados will know, a red dot signifies a sale of either the original artwork or a limited edition reproduction of it. Cornelia included a number of such red dots as an ironic twist against, and as part of, this plain white square ‘painting’.

With such irony, the original painting sold well and attracted the appropriate number of ‘real red dots’.

This year Ms Parker took a photograph of the original painting and the real red stickers and added some more to the 2015 version in a humorous further twist. Consequently sales of thIs ‘new’ work have doubled as collectors clamour to be part of perhaps next year’s version, with their red dot included in 2016?

Herein lies the really clever elements of this piece: irony, humour, replication and vitally, inclusion.

Digital marketers can learn so much from this clever adaptation of the simplest content.

1. Take things back to basics. Find minimalist, pure and clear messages, as simple as a plain white square if you can, then add a twist.

2. Re-use content many times by building on the original piece as you learn more about the subject, as you receive feedback and as the subject evolves over time. Never just publish once. Everything you publish can be used multiple times through multiple channels. Just re-tune it appropriately for each audience.

3. Ensure people get involved and feel part of things. Encourage feedback, debate and contribution so that they feel part of the conversation. Dialogue is everything and monologue is dead.

What simple subject can you share today today that others will want to be a part of?