The Anatomy of a Boat

The Anatomy of a Boat

​A boat is essentially a set of components that are put together in a watertight fashion to deliver an outcome. The hull, the engine and the deck are just some of the key elements which are essential to ensure successful passage.

A boatbuilder knows that some of the elements are essential and will work with plans to create the most appropriate vessel to achieve the objectives.

Marketing professionals understand the same is true when delivering well-rounded marketing communications. They need coherent and consistent plans and a carefully selected set of elements to deliver a customer experience and journey appropriate to the products and services being offered.

With marketing there are probably three core elements, the boating equivalent to a safe hull, propellor and tiller.

Marketing Hull - this is a marketing strategy. A set of objectives, tactics, action plan and analytics which provide a manageable and measurable means of managing risk, filtering opportunities and ensuring decisions are made in a coordinated and conscious manner.

Marketing Propellor - this is marketing content. The fuel that propels the communications at the right pace, place and time, balancing what the organisations wants to share with what the target audience want to hear.

Marketing Tiller - this is the marketing dashboard. Keeping the marketing on a clear course, constantly monitoring, sensing and listening to performance, the marketing dashboard provides fingertip control, allowing a change of course should the environmental conditions change.

So when building your marketing boat remember the three key components upon which successful boatbuilding depends: strategy, content and measurement. I wish you safe passage, even through the most turbulent waters.