Successful Personal Brands in Social Media

Successful Personal Brands in Social Media

Here are some examples of strong ‘personal’ brands that help these individuals sell the ‘personal’ element to emotionally hook people into their services and propositions. The essence of the personal brand is that the customer identifies personally and feels as though they have a direct relationship with the personal brand by placing them on a virtual pedestal.

As long as the personal brand operates with integrity and good intention this isn’t as coercive and manipulative as it might first sound. It is simply a method of encouraging deeper levels of emotional engagement with the target customer. The clue is in the term ‘social media’ with the emphasis on the word ‘social’.

When the personal brand then has an event, book or course to promote, they do so through a personal introduction to it from themselves, in preference to hiding behind their ‘business brand’, which would be seen as more of an advertising and sales tool. A personal brand introducing the very same product or service to the target customer is generally perceived more as a recommendation from a friend and we all know how much more positively we would receive such a recommendation.

Gabby Bernstein

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Marianne Williamson

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Byron Katie

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The common thread amongst these and other personal brands are that they put themselves, their own journey and the Rule of Thirds to balance their content strategy, at the heart of their business communications.