Sorry I’m In A Hurry: No Time To Network

Sorry I’m In A Hurry: No Time To Network

We are all busy and never more so. So how do some people find the time to actively social network? They only have 24 hours in the day, the same as everyone else.

Here are five of the ways they do it:

1. Check your social networks when you check your email inbox. Social networking needs a similar frame of mind and concentration to checking and responding to emails. If you set aside specific times of the day to check emails, extend this by a few minutes and check your networks

2. Use the technology. Smartphones, iPads and android devices all have apps available so that you can network on the move when people contact you or importantly you can publish content and ideas whenever you think of them rather than putting them to the back of your mind for later and then forgetting them.

3. Have a purpose. If it's just to keep in touch you will never maintain the momentum of when you first registered. Each social network needs a clear job description and purpose then you can set it goals and targets and it will begin to add value to your wider business activity.

4. Remember the rule of thirds. One third is about you, one third is signposting to interesting links you have enjoyed yourself and the final third is the overt selling. Get this balance wrong and people will lose interest, ignore you or worse still, disconnect.

5. Integrate with your wider marketing plan. The most effective social networkers are doing it for a reason. Digital marketing and social media are essentials tools in the marketing armoury and provide great engagement and advocacy. With strategy comes purpose and a reason.

So the next time you think you haven't got time remember you have the same time available as those who are making it work. It's how you choose and plan to use your time that counts.