Social Media: Planning for Success

Social Media: Planning for Success

Let’s get to the heart of social media. It’s all about the content and what you do with it. It’s about planning for success.

In this course we’ll take you on the journey your content should be going through. We’ll start at the beginning with those few simple words you want to use to promote your business on social media.

Then we’ll fine tune that piece of content to make sure it passes the Shrug Test and that your target audience want to hear it. We’ll look at the balance in content to ensure your audience doesn’t develop a blindspot for you because all you do is promote yourself online. We’ll look at what you need to add to it to get maximum engagement.

Next we’ll look at how that gem of content should be subtly altered and used across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. You’ll leave the session with an in-depth knowledge of how to use each of the main social media platforms at the key moments in your customer journey.

What about other people’s content? How will you get the most from reviews and TripAdvisor?

We’ll finish with looking at how we judge the success of your piece of content.

This session is for people in the tourism industry who want to improve their social media but the lessons are applicable across different sectors.

Course cost: £70

Course Date and Time: Tuesday 16th June 10.00am to 1.00pm

Course Venue: Langmans Restaurant, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7RE

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This course is in association with Purple Cloud, the South West’s leading training organisation for customer service