Snapchat? Are You Ready?

Snapchat? Are You Ready?

​Reading an informative and very useful article about Snapchat from our friends at Hootsuite, I wonder if now is the time for me to be recommending it to my clients.

It’s arguably the world’s fastest growing social network and it appears that Snapchat is now emerging from the teen-only sector into mainstream consciousness.

However, and as the article eloquently identifies, it’s not quite as simple as setting things up and people will come. It is very much about creativity and understanding where, when and how it might fit into the communication experience you are choreographing for your customers.

It’s all about time and place. If now is the time to consider it as part of your digital marketing tool kit because it’s already being used by the people you are attempting to target, then go for it. If you are just considering spending precious time and energy focusing on it because it’s the ‘next big thing’, then do think again because there’s a danger you will be disappointed in the outcomes.

The answer lies in your marketing intelligence, the evidence that it’s an appropriate tool to be using right here, right now. If you don’t know how to find out or need guidance on whether now is the time to add Snapchat into your marketing communications mix, do get in touch.