Share & Share Alike - Content Curation

Share & Share Alike - Content Curation

We have all heard the term, we know a handful of slick site names all ending with ‘y’.. (Feedly, Listly, Contently), but, what is Content Curation and how can we do it well - without simply hitting ‘Share Now?’

As marketers, we all know the cardinal rules: Follow a schedule, embrace multiple platforms, engage and participate, but, how do we become part of the content eco-system, without feeling like a thief in the night.

In 2014 there are a plethora of platforms to help us build a bridge between creator and curator, each with their nuances and target persona’s. From Aggregation Dashboards such as Feedly that use a stylish and user friendly interface providing multiple news feeds directed to one place - to Content planning tools such as Iflow. Iflow has a user interface similar to Google Reader, it helps find content based on trends and keywords, allowing you discover and share original and curated content in real time.

In this great article by PR Daily Adam Vincenzini tell’s us that Content Curation has risen in significance for a number of reasons; Not only is it more ‘cost-effective than producing (only) original content’ it is the best form of social (media) giving.’ With the later embodying the true spirit of social media - sharing and promoting the content /work of others, whilst bringing value to your own audiences and galvanizing appreciation on all sides.

Here at Viper - we work closely with the leisure and tourism industry, and have found that the visual discovery tool Pinterest is often an excellent resource for insight into this sector. Whilst not considered an obvious curation tool as in the above examples, it houses a vast array of Infographics providing visually exciting stats. Take a look at this example on The Impact of Social Media Within the Hospitality Industry by Mobile Marketing Watch, and for an example of our work with SWOAT The 7 step guide to digital marketing for outdoor activity tourism in the South west.

As with most social media and content curation tools, there is no one size fits all which is why many organisations often need a combination to fit their marketing strategy, which leads me on to developing you own content curation platform. ‘Is this even possible!? You ask. Well, according to the guys at Curation Traffic - very much so! If you would like to learn more about the importance of safeguarding your creative efforts using evergreen content take a listen here, or talk to us at #TeamViper.