Service Commitment Value : Yada Yada Yada

Service Commitment Value : Yada Yada Yada

Brand strap lines and marketing messages are meant to inspire, evoke imagery and excite the reader. They are created to add additional context, meaning and relevance to brand names which can often have little meaning in themselves.

But when the message sitting alongside a large company brand name (which needs to remain nameless to protect the guilty) is simply ‘Service Commitment Value’ I am left holding my head in my hands at what is either inept or simply lazy.

A unique selling proposition (USP) is something that positions you at a distance from your competition by way of promoting your strongest qualities or assets. It’s something that makes you unique and the clue is in that word. It’s a differentiator in this ever so busy and noisy world in which we live.

So how in the world can ‘Service Commitment Value’ do any job other than send the reader to sleep. Service? Yes we all provide service. Commitment? Well would you buy from any company that isn’t committed? You wouldn’t and you would assume that all companies are committed, so no differentiation there. Value? Do they mean high value, low value, value to them or value to you?

You see my issue here? It’s either inept or lazy or quite simply missing the point.

I saw many other vehicles during the journey and lots were just ‘doing what it says on the tin’. In some ways not creative, but in others, sensible in crowded marketplaces. So that’s fine. Oh and I also saw a number of bed and breakfasts towards the end of the journey and each said ‘luxury accommodation’ on their signage (can you see I was really ‘on one’ on this journey!). Well if we are being honest then surely it’s the customer who should decide if the accommodation is ‘luxury’ or not. What is luxury to one person is standard to another. Luxury again being one of those words which has lost its meaning in our marketing cacophony.

So as I end my journey and reflect on these attempts to market I do feel that I am wise to avoid trying to include a strap line or ‘semi clever’ phrase to promote my business. Far better to let the name talk for itself and back it up with a description that ‘does what it says on the tin’.

How’s your strap line looking?