SEO Warfare

SEO Warfare

“I was recently speaking to Panda Doc about our online forms for BBP and came across 2 companies that seem to have bought Panda Doc’s company name as their own Google Adwords. Their own businesses now show up above PandaDoc’s page by using their own trading name.” Neil Smith BBPMedia

This interesting example typifies some of the so-called black hat SEO techniques where subtle yet extremely powerful tricks are used to effectively block out the competition. But just how far would you take yours?

For everyone who knows a little about how these things work this kind of technique appears underhand, sly and to be honest, a bit devious? Instead of relying on authentic value of your own offering and trusting that it’s strong enough to appeal and attract visitors to your site or social network pages, this could easily be perceived as simply not playing the game fairly?

If the technique is designed to attract the unsuspecting who don’t realise the difference between paid and owned media, then the word devious could certainly apply. I don’t believe it’s fair to say that anything goes, in digital warfare. We should still maintain integrity and honour and if our product and service messages aren’t strong enough then we can always take a look in the mirror and make appropriate improvements to them.

By doing this we will ensure the credibility of our brand and its values are maintained.

If you need support in your online competitor battles, please get in touch and we will review your situation and recommend what you can do.