SEO Tips : Wall of Expectation

SEO Tips : Wall of Expectation

​Search engine results be they on Google, Bing, Yahoo or others is all about domination of key search phrases that your target customers are using to find products, services and businesses like yours.

To achieve multiple positions in search engine results we have to think about our content from a multitude of perspectives.

As everyone knows, people now search using words, images and video so we are already clear that by having different media our chances of search engine success will be enhanced.

But it’s also about creating page after page of great links in the search engine results and everything pointing back to us.

Proactively we have our customer journeys, through which we choreograph our customers’ experience step by step, and this means that specific website pages and social networks are used consciously to create this route map. But by limiting ourselves to using just the digital marketing tools in the customers journeys we may be allowing our competitors to sneak in to one or more of the search results positions on a page which if we plan it, we can be dominating.

So it pays to be using and publishing to, even if just occasionally, a broad range of the popular social networks, so that we can dominate key search phrases by including them there, in our content as well. This is a more reactive use of digital content which some could argue is an attempt to competitively dupe the search engines into thinking that our publishing is stronger and more widely distributed than it is.

To eliminate this argument it’s all about content quality. By publishing relevant, current and inspirational content we create a Wall of Expectation which will entice our visitors to click on our links to find out more and to potentially enter into the customer journey we have choreographed for them. Such content may include a mix of engaging testimonials, quotes, statistics and things that they won’t find elsewhere.

This does create an expectation of a great end result in the mind of the visitor but that’s exactly what will challenge us to become every stronger in how we plan and deliver our marketing communications.

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