Segmentation : For Personalisation Not Generalisation

Segmentation : For Personalisation Not Generalisation

​Segmentation is, by nature, stereotyping. It is the grouping together of people by common needs, behaviours, location, product interest, age, demographics, millions of other things and often a combination of all of the above.

To the untrained eye this could be perceived as stereotyping, leading to generalisations and unhelpful marketing or communication activities.

Nothing should be further from the truth. Authentic and well-intended segmentation should lead not to generalisation but to personalisation. The more accurate the definition of each segment, the potentially more accurate the engagement with them. With the right intelligence and interpretation of their behaviours and needs, the more accurate the ongoing communication and conversations.

With improvements in these areas, the result should be longer and higher quality, sustained relationships leading to mutually beneficial outcomes. More value to the customer and more profit to the business.

For help in creating authentic and well-intended, needs based customer segments to whom you can accurately target your marketing, please get in touch.