A Sea of Big Data - Digital Dashboards

A Sea of Big Data - Digital Dashboards

In a Sea of Big Data, graphical analysis and emerging digital platforms - it can be extremely challenging to know the best way to get insights from your online marketing activities - right across the board.

With new software coming from across the pond and here in the UK at what feels like a bi-minute basis - marketers’ and execs can feel as if they’re drowning in digital.

With social analytics such as Falcon and Hootsuite, integrated digital suites like Kissmetrics and Hubspot and not to mention our trusty Google Analytics, even the most tech-trained can feel a little out of they’re depth. (Yet another water reference!)

However, thanks to the tech-wizards at Dash, Maass Media & Logi Analytics we are guided through the ‘murky-deep’ of data, with intelligent and yet stunningly simple Digital
Dashboards which allow us to compile different analytics - helping us to monitor and enhance our digital activities.

To help you navigate your way through the offerings there are in essence 3 types of Digital Dashboard that dominate the market today - according to Wikipedia ‘stand alone software applications, web-browser based applications, and desktop applications also known as desktop widgets.... Like a car’s dashboard (or control panel), a software dashboard provides
decision makers with the input necessary to “drive” the business. Thus, a graphical user interface may be designed to display summaries, graphics (e.g., bar charts, pie charts, bullet graphs,”sparklines,” etc.), and gauges (with colours similar to traffic lights) in a portal-like framework to highlight important

Logi Analytics provide a great white paper on best practices for creating compelling dashboards with stunning sample dashboards with interactive elements.

Digital Dashboards breathe new life into our analytics and reporting, allowing us to focus on the brilliant job of content creation, super-servicing our clients, and using the human-element of communication - whilst we let the digital dashboards do the tech-talk!