RSS or Twitter List?

RSS or Twitter List?

​Back in the day you would have subscribed through your email software or your web browser to an RSS feed for news and views updates on your favourite websites. It all worked nicely and wherever you saw the trusty orange RSS feed logo you knew there was a steady stream of updates available to you as they were released.

Unfortunately because many businesses and organisations struggle to maintain a steady frequency of blogs and news updates on their websites the reality is that nowadays the RSS feed is used more for news feed automation than it is as a personal content collection tool. RSS feeds still have their place and can still work well but they are so useful for web masters to help feed content on a site to another place and to contribute to content aggregators who pull together content from a range of RSS-friendly sources into a single point for content distribution.

So what’s better today for a web user to keep tabs on their favourite subject? Twitter Lists.

A Twitter list is a rarely used facility in your Twitter account which allows you to select the very best other accounts you are following and to filter out the noise from all the others. By creating a list in Twitter you can add for example, your top 10 favourite accounts who provide you with great information on the subject of your choice. Simply click that list title and you will see only content from those accounts. With the option to create multiple lists in your Twitter account and to assign each either private or public (which means others can subscribe to your lists and thereby you are adding value to your followers’ experience) it’s a great tool for keeping your eye on the competition, useful news feeds and your key customers and suppliers.

How will you use your Twitter Lists?

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