​By definition a project has a defined beginning, middle and end. And normally a set of resources to support it.

Most of the projects we deal with for clients are concerned with getting an organisation’s people to use digital marketing effectively, this really means building the confidence and justification amongst staff and colleagues.

Two quotes have stood out for me recently that are they key to creating a socially-active business that promotes itself well online;

People want to be part of an organisation that lets them be fully alive and bring their gifts to work. Robin Sharma

One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested. E. M. Forster

During our training and planning session we often use the Relationship and Dependency model in order that staff can reveal to themselves where they are in relation to the business’ marketing. One axis is Relationship, from zero to a lot and the other axis is Dependency, how much your job depends on the marketing, from zero to a lot.

Attendees place one Post-It note somewhere on the model; they may have a high Relationship and high Dependency if they are the marketing officer, but if they are in production they may feel low on both counts.

To create a social business where staff are all online advocates you want to move everyone to a high point on both axis.

To move from bland corporate initiatives use the model to focus on the individuals trajectory towards the high point of the model; what are the steps needed for training and development. You’ll have to address these individually as everyones confidence and justification of using social media will be different.

This is Projectory, charting an individuals development to helping move an organisation online effectively.