Practising Unsocial Media

Practising Unsocial Media

Being reactive and practicing defensive marketing outside of your customers’ journeys, is acceptable when it’s part of a carefully planned strategy.

Knowing when to ignore the social media rule of thirds and social reporting insights comes when a specific social network isn’t required right now because it’s not used by your highest priority personas. This doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. Far from it.

This scenario simply means you move to a defensive social media strategy with it. By this we mean you are not using it quite as frequently as other networks which form part of key communications tools. You are not setting any particular targets for the network or expecting any engagement at all, and that is fine. If the social network is being used by competitors, other personas who you don’t currently target, or it is a ubiquitous network like Facebook then there are many key reasons why you still need to set it up properly and regularly serve it with digital fuel, content.

Reasons for keeping all the social networks alive, include:

- Google search rankings are helped with regular content published solely for the purposes of Google

- If you publish content in a network that would otherwise result in a search engine listing for a competitor then you are future proofing your business

- In the future you may wish to add the social network into a new customer journey and at that point you’ll have a live one that will appear to have some history and credibility rather than a new campaign page

- You may pick up a rogue prospect who just happens to search for a produce or service like yours in an unexpected social network

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