Play To Your Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Play To Your Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Haven’t we always been told since childhood to “learn new skills and improve your weaknesses”? So what have we done? We have spent countless hours focusing on the things we are not very good at. How motivating is that!? Where is the logic to give time and focus to something that you are not very good at?

Focusing on building capabilities into strong core competencies that give you an edge in a career, your business and in life should logically mean that you drive forward into a positive situation.

Stay languishing inside a world of constant struggle against what nature has given you and it’s a struggle, feels negative and probably at the end of the day, you’ll be unsuccessful.

There are many examples in the world of business of great leaders who have recognised their strengths and then surrounded themselves by others who can cover their weaknesses. In sport, an excellent example is the ex England Rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward who used such an approach in his successful pursuit of the Rugby World Cup.

Your business and marketing team are unlikely to be able to do everything but collectively you have skills and experience that you could describe as strengths. Focus on these to turn your capabilities into core competencies to give yourself and your business a competitive edge. If you have to provide products and services that are currently weaknesses, then find others to whom you can outsource. Surround yourself with excellence and recognise your own.

Here are some top tips for taking this forward:

1. Be honest and list your top 10 strengths

2. Be honest and list your top 10 weaknesses

3. Prioritise your strengths and weaknesses in order from ‘most important’ to ‘least important’

4. Decide three key actions you will take today to further improve your top 3 strengths

5. Find three people today who can help cover your top 3 weaknesses

Play to your strengths and let others cover the rest.