Pick The Low Hanging Fruit In Export Marketing

Pick The Low Hanging Fruit In Export Marketing

​If you are considering going overseas because the lure of expanding markets, incremental growth and saturated local conditions is all too tempting then there is a danger you jump head first into the largest opportunity.

This can be a dangerous strategy because the new market could be highly competitive, inappropriate for your products and services or simply too hard to service from a logistic perspective.

Beyond the macro (PESTLE) analysis and government statistics there is a list of things you need to consider in your marketing messages which help you to refine the most appropriate new market.

If the countries you are considering tick many of the following boxes then they just might be the most appropriate to begin to approach:

1. “Britishness” - do they really appreciate the culture and heritage of your country and is that part of their reason to buy from you?

2. Super Niche - have you refined your offer to attend to a really specific need in your target market?

3. Evidence - will they understand the true value you bring to them?

4. Customer Names - do they recognise your existing happy customers and are they impressed by your client list?

5. Connections - is there a value to them in your existing connections and networks?

6. Statistics - will you provide empirical evidence of the value your products and services and is this meaningful to them?

7. Longevity - is the length of time you have been in business and your proven reputation motivating for them?

8. Quality Assurance - do the accreditations and credentials you provide tick their approvals boxes?

9. Outcomes - will you be selling positive outcomes rather than just features and benefits and will they understand them?

10. Testimonials - how quickly can you get great testimonials in their country rather than relying on your existing ones?

So it’s not just about the attractiveness, growth potential, language and culture. There are many other elements to consider when planning the most appropriate export markets.

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