One Degree Strategic Marketing Planning Theory

One Degree Strategic Marketing Planning Theory

An unnerving thought is that just 1 degree of change in direction can take you to a very different place, in time.

The longer you are mis-pointed or on the wrong non-adjusted course, the further away you are from your desired end destination.

A strategy is like having a compass and a map. You set your destination point using the compass. If you do this in bright daylight with the compass in full view then you are likely to be highly accurate and when you follow the map you reach your destination. This is like strategic planning armed with intelligence, research and a clear understanding of customer needs.

Try plotting a route with your compass and map at night, in poor visibility, and you may make a small margin of error in the magnetic reading of your compass bearing. Over a long distance or time, just one degree variation, will take you to a very different place. This is like running a business or team without a clearly defined destination point, to arrive at a specific time and by taking a particular direction. You will end up somewhere, anywhere, with little or no idea about how you got there.

You may strike lucky without a clearly plotted strategy, but you are much more likely to arrive where you want to be by very accurately plotting a course and then following your strategic compass to your desired destination.

Remember those little 1 degree margins and how you may not notice their effect today, but in time you’ll certainly arrive somewhere else.

For help in plotting your course to your desired destination, please get in touch. We have a great compass and map to share with you.