My Santander Customer Journey Begins

My Santander Customer Journey Begins

Imagine my surprise when arriving at my new property for the first time I encounter a box on the doorstep, un-named unlabelled and intriguing.

Inside the box was a further red box but this one a branded ‘hello’ from Santander, my mortgage provider. In the red box I’m surprised, intrigued and delighted by the contents. Coffee, tea and cookies and two Santander branded mugs. Everything consistent, branded and very focused on the first arrival experience at the new property.

This experience has clearly been choreographed by a marketing team that really understands how to put together a consistent and enjoyable customer experience. It’s not only about what’s in it for them it’s considering the customer from an emotional and engagement perspective as much as the route to finance.

This is both refreshing and potentially advocacy building in the mind and eyes of each customer and what better way to encourage a customer to talk about the organisation from the positive emotionally charged and highly engage perspective rather than describing and talking about features and benefits of the product.

The customer is enticed into talking about experience and as we know, enjoyable engaging customer experiences last longer in the minds of others than the bland products and services that we all encounter every day.

So as the kettle goes on and I sit back to enjoy the new property the first time, I take a few moments to tweet about this small but not insignificant experience. Santander give me a great reason to share my customer journey with you if they can maintain this great initial momentum, we will both be looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

It would be great to hear about and read some examples of great customer service and journeys that you’ve experienced from organisations who choreographed a great customer journey for you?

These are the ones that we all want to work with buy products and services from and remain loyal to into the future.

As you can tell I am passionate about customer journeys so for more information and details about how you can start to plot excellent customer journeys for your customers, please contact Neil Wilkins at Viper Marketing.