Marketing Innovation Comes From Within YOU

Marketing Innovation Comes From Within YOU

Marketing innovation be it online marketing, new ways of engaging by social media, how to use the next great marketing technology or app… it’s always down to us to make it happen.

Too often we get swept along by the day to day demands of the job. Deadlines, tasks, action list, content creation or curation, there are always so many ways of finding excuses not to be a marketing innovator.

But it’s our responsibility. Marketing is fundamentally about being innovative. If we aren’t innovators we are administrators of someone else’s dream.

Here are some top tips for developing a marketing innovation culture not only inside your organisation but inside YOU:

1. Devote Time : set aside some time every week for being creative away from phones, emails and social networks

2. Explore What’s Gone Before : search out great new innovations from outside your industry to spark new ideas

3. Ask “What If…” : instead of constraining yourself by asking ‘how’, ask yourself ‘what it’ and set your mind free

4. Process into Product : think how you can turn your services and processes into marketable products

5. Collaborate : share thoughts with colleagues and partners because it will throw new light and new angles on ideas

6. Entertain Yourself : don’t be boring and really stretch your thinking by daring to dream

7. Keep Trying : try, try, try because with experimentation you will unveil opportunity

The essence of your outcomes will most likely be solutions to problems and by following these seven tips you’ll find you are closer than you think to marketing innovation and your next great idea.