Marketing Consequence

Marketing Consequence

Companies large and small the world over typically approach marketing, sales and business development from the perspective of selling the features and benefits of their products and services.

This is all so easy to emulate by competitors who joust and position themselves as having more features or greater benefits. The problems for the target customer is that this is such a lot of noise and confusion. The smallest of incremental differences are shouted from the rooftops but the actual value is often perceived as so small.

The biggest problem is that companies compete on an almost equal footing. The same products, the same features and benefits and in many situations even very similar levels of service, customer attention and support.

In steps the most savvy of marketer or sales person as they begin to add real value and clarity by marketing consequence. The consequence to the customerof not engaging, the consequence to the customer of not buying and the reality of what they’ll miss out on if they don’t.

The marketing of consquence, by knowing the true value of what you are really selling (not your products or services), helps you to draw out and communicate those essential Unique Sales Propositions (USPs). Do you know what yours are? They could be your people, they could be your innovation, your speed to market, your unique processes…

The consequence is the gap between what you provide and what they customer already has available to them, either already purchased or offered by a competitor. You don’t so much sell and market the USP itself but the incremental difference between yours and the competitors’.

This is the true value of what you have to offer. What’s yours?