Marketing Reflexology : Information into Intelligence

Marketing Reflexology : Information into Intelligence

Having experienced my first reflexology session today I feel compelled to encourage others to explore this unique sensory, physical and psychological process.

Feet are simply not just feet. I might have previously thought they are just there to support my legs which in turn support my body. Technically this is of course true, but they are so much more. As the gateway to the body, they are the one part that is in constant touch with the ground and it is this grounding that forms the basis of their key role.

The role is that they are a map of the body. Each tiny point or area on the sole, toes and sides of the foot equate to a part of the body or an internal organ. As the reflexologist gently explores both feet, the role of some areas are replicated on each foot, but in some they are unique. The feet are telling a story.

The reflexologist’s map is a fascinating entry point into hitherto indiscernible subtleties of how the body is feeling and performing. Little clues are presented and can be explored, providing an insight for both the therapist and patient.

The reflexologist’s foot map is akin to the marketer’s dashboard. Both provide key listening points to understand how their respective medium is performing.

In the foot there are clues to how the patient is feeling and what remedial action can be taken to heal, cure or improve lifestyle and behaviours. In the marketer’s dashboard it’s about listening to the customer, the market and the competitors and then adjusting the marketing strategy and tactics to help deliver objectives and goals.

The essence for both is that by being present, listening and carefully interpreting, we can turn information into intelligence, which in turn allows for more effective decision making and ultimately a better situation.

Reflexology is available for everyone and not just marketing people! For advice, guidance and perhaps a first session, I can thoroughly recommend Lotus Reflexology where you can also follow the Kate McEwan Blog for guidance and tips on healthy living, foot health and reflexology. A shameless plug by one happy client.