Market Your Quality

Market Your Quality

As a Brit I have been brainwashed over my lifetime to not overtly shout about my achievements.

We Brits are a humble bunch. We are more comfortable allowing others to find out about our achievements by stealth than to shout them from the rooftops. Herein lies a problem. The problem is that our customers and business partners really do want to know about what we have achieved.

If we were European or North American we would be much more likely to openly share our ISO accreditation, the white papers we have had published, the books we have written and the great testimonials we have received from our customers. We would put every qualification we have worked for all over our business cards and personal profiles on our websites. We would share the positive sentiment created by these highly credible aspects of our commercial life.

But as a humble Brit, very few of us do.

It’s getting better. Our Linkedin profiles automatically prompt us to add our achievements, qualifications and ‘recommended by’ credentials and whilst we may be reluctant, many of us are now beginning to see the benefit of this awkward extraversion.

Try breaking into an export market and things really begin to hot up. In Asia and Africa especially, the instant credibility of a string of professional qualifications will help to open doors and begin conversations. In America many of these elements are considered ‘must haves’ before you are even on the list of organisations on the roster.

So take some time out today and list everything you and your organisation has earned to help position your credibility in your customers’ and partners’ eyes. Think also where you can share this information, including Linkedin, website, business cards, social network profiles, printed literature and presentations. Go share….

Written by Neil Wilkins BSc(hons) Psychology, FCMC, MCIM, published author and authorised digital marketing specialist and trainer for the British Government