Maintaining Flow: The art of marketing

Maintaining Flow: The art of marketing

You’ll know the feeling and there’s a popular phrase that sums it up, to be “bogged down” in something.

By definition it stops you in your tracks, it prevents continuity of actions, feelings and success. Getting bogged down or stifled is the worst situation a business can experience and it comes in many guises.

Sometimes it’s creativity and innovation. You simply run out of ideas. Sometimes it can be cashflow, the life blood of business, where incoming revenue seems to slow despite escalating costs. For many in the world of social networking it’s running out of things to say and you simply stop and become mute.

The key to keeping your business and your marketing and your sales moving in the right direction is to maintain flow. Any flow is better than stagnation.

Think about your sales pipeline. It’s called a pipeline for a reason because through it should flow opportunities, leads, meetings and engagement. If these aren’t leading directly to lots of new sales don’t worry, you can fine tune and the success will come, but only if you maintain flow.

Think about your creativity and new product and service development. If you haven’t launched anything new this year then take the summer to increase the flow of ideas through your business. Engage with everyone. The flow of best ideas can originate in the most unexpected places and the most unusual times from the least obvious people.

Think about your marketing. Do you allow a flow of messages, conversation and social networking? Not just sporadic spikes in activity but a steady river-like flow of communication, drip feeding great marketing to your world. Focus on becoming a social business. Think of it like a tide, ebbing and flowing in and out of your business because from such a flow comes great new opportunities for sales, partnerships and growth.

With outgoing flow comes inbound flow in equal measure. Take this summer to enhance and increase the quality and quantity of flow in your business. Let us know how you do.