Keeping Up With The Social Networking

Keeping Up With The Social Networking

Try stopping and starting your social media following, engagement and conversations and you see quickly that things can quickly grind to a halt and how does that look from the customers’ perspective?

Stop and it stalls, restart and the conversation and successes and advocacy resumes. There is a clear link between activity and outcomes. It’s not simply a ‘do more and you get more’ but it’s pretty close.

We have been running a test over recent weeks with the CMC Twitter account. We’ve been doing the normal type of publishing and conversations but have been stopping and starting the amount of proactive engagement and following of other marketers. Each time we stop there’s a clear and fast slowing down of activity and each time we begin again it is like turning on a tap of warm water and everything begins to flow.

So the lesson we can share with confidence and some evidence is that in social networking you get what you give.

Here are some ideas for how to maintain the initial momentum so you steadily build great up a return on investment of your time and energy when you are networking:

1. Dedicate specific time each day and every day. This is part of your working life not an addition to it
2. Think about checking your social media when you check your emails as you are likely to be in the same frame of mind
3. Prioritise your networks so you focus appropriate time where your customers are and where they are most likely to respond
4. Get lots of little wins. Make sure you set lots of short term targets, each one contributing to the greater digital marketing strategy
5. Measure everything you do down to individual posts and tweets so you learn quickly what works and what to avoid next time
6. Follow, share and like more than those who follow, share and like you to ensure you are highly engaged and ‘out there’
7. Balance research with promotion so you listen and learn as much as you talk and market
8. Get others onboard and share the workload, with a consistent output and style but some level of individuality
9. Take days off so you come back refreshed and ready for more
10. Make it mobile so you can social network wherever you are to save time and prevent yourself forgetting the great ideas and opportunities that pop up during the day

How do you keep your social networking momentum going?