Increasing Brand Awareness - what a cop out

Increasing Brand Awareness - what a cop out

Increasing Brand Awareness has been the bane of the marketers life since marketing became a valid business discipline.

In truth it’s simply a cop out, an easy way of justifying marketing activity without actually justifying it and it’s been giving marketing a bad name in finance, strategic and management circles for decades.

Why else do we think it’s a struggle to prove the value we add when we use bland terms like this to demonstrate what we do. Who cares that millions of people have heard of us if none of them pick up the phone, click the link or engage with us. Far better to have 10 people who care enough to be taken along a tight customer journey by us, than 100 people who are aware of us but then do nothing.

This isn’t really a rant and all of the above is a little tongue in cheek, but there is a harsh reality here. In marketing there is an easy way out and it’s the route that makes us look busy by doing lots of marketing stuff without any form of measurement, analysis and prioritisation.

The best marketers are the ones who aren’t taking the easy route. They are the ones who are constantly critical of their strategies, campaigns and activities. They seek to measure everything, absolutely everything and then learn from it. They couldn’t give two hoots about brand awareness. What they are interested in is engagement, shares, advocacy, responses and continuously improving the number of real people who get to the end of their marketing process and buy, not once but many times to give a true customer lifetime value.

So don’t cop out. Don’t worry about Increasing Brand Awareness. Spend your time and energy worrying about how you can turn those who are aware of you into real, loyal, profitable, advocating customers. Prove that return on investment.

Oh. And share the good news with your colleagues outside of marketing, because they think we are all here to just increase brand awareness.