How you can help your staff to become online advocates

How you can help your staff to become online advocates

Employee advocacy schemes encourage staff to use social media channels to promote the organisation, create and engage with their own audiences.

Companies and organisations that implement employee advocacy initiatives will see an improvement in areas that are important including sales, lead generation, recruitment, brand awareness, event promotion and a strong sense of pride of ownership among staff.

These people are already on social media. They’re probably talking about your organisation already. This needs to be channelled.

A key step is identify why staff will want to go online at an individual level. You need to find out the individual triggers in people that will give them the justification for being an advocate online

What will be the triggers to turn your staff and colleagues into online advocates?

Sell more? At a fundamental level if staff feel they are helping the bottom line of the company, and see they’re making a difference, they will feel more secure in their job and be more productive. To do this share the sales and campaign calendar so they know what’s coming up.

Convert more? Some staff will play a crucial role in the sales process but at present feel they have little influence. Create dashboards that reveals the link between online and offline action. This could be increased footfall, cross-sell, membership, subscriptions and overall satisfaction. To do this feedback data from a wide variety of sources.

Convince more? People join organisations to make a difference. Charities and public sector organisations are full of people passionate about changing the behaviour of others for a better society. To do this internally provide appropriate imagery and stats for them.

Learn more? Many staff are active learners who will soak up news, trends and changes in your sector. These people could be your living research and development service. To do this train and encourage them to curate content and spread this internally for others to use.

Be more? We’re all a bit vain and like to see our name in lights occasionally. Encouraging staff to go online for you will help them learn more, feel more involved and more helpful. To do this senior management needs to publicly focus on the success of staff, highlighting online success frequently.

Are you using these triggers to get your co-workers online to help your organisation?

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