How to use Google+ in your digital marketing strategy

How to use Google+ in your digital marketing strategy

​Your digital marketing strategy needs to be structured in this order:

  1. Business aims and objectives
  2. Target audiences
  3. Messages
  4. Digital marketing tools
  5. Targets and performance indicators

The Digital Marketing Tools, at step 4, form the ‘customer journey’; how will people hear about you, how will you convert them into customers and how will you keep hold of them. Each marketing tool you choose needs to sit on this journey and interact with the other tools to ensure you meet your business objectives. These three stages can be simplified to Awareness, Conversion and Retention.

As a marketing tool Google+ needs to have its place on your customer’s journey, but is it Awareness, Conversion or Retention?

Twitter is simple, this is an awareness raising tool that you should use to drive traffic to your website, the conversion stage. Facebook is a retention tool for you to keep having conversations with customers who have liked you.

Google+ is a multi-faceted platform though. Here’s how we recommend you use the key elements in your digital marketing strategy;

Awareness: your personal Profile is easy to find, ensure it’s up-to-date and represents you well. Join Communities to increase your exposure.

Conversion: use Hangouts as invite only demonstrations of your product or service

Retention: stay in touch with your loyal fans through your Page, share relevant content through your segregated contact list aka Circles, start Polls to get customer feedback, create Events for linking people together with you at the heart of it.

As you can see Google+ lends itself to raising awareness about you and then retaining your contacts. Your website is probably your main conversion factor (even if it’s to drive footfall through your store) and that’s whee the other world of Google comes in, SEO and YouTube.