How to Get Your Organisation Using Social Media Strategically

How to Get Your Organisation Using Social Media Strategically

This is a practical guide to help you plan how your organisation can get the most impact, while staying coordinated, from social media.

Modern organisations of all sizes need to become ‘social businesses’. The old model of large marketing departments has gone. Social media now provides the opportunity for all levels of your organisation to create an audience for your business.

Alongside your broadcast marketing the individual’s in a social business create their own audience. The organically built audience that follows a real human being in an organisation will have more trust and loyalty towards the individual and company. Accumulatively these audiences add up to a very important resource.

The first step towards taking your organisation strategically into social media is to accept that willing and able staff are your best advocates and can be trusted online with the right help and support.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Identify a core team to steer and monitor the social media development.
  2. Decide what you’re trying to achieve through the social media - this might be visits to a certain webpage or a greater understanding of your processes. REMEMBER social media is not just about selling.
  3. Agree Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and timescales. REMEMBER the best results from social media come over time, there are few quick wins.
  4. Discover the current digital extroverts in your company (they may only be doing it personally at the moment) and invite them to help. They will need to be involved in the planning stages so they understand the big picture and see the part they play in it. Not everyone will want to go online in your business and that’s fine, encourage the ones that do and let them encourage others in time.
  5. As a group complete our Social Business Model (see image) - each member of staff should be targeting a specific audience according to the role they play in the organisation. Directors and senior staff may be targeting politicians, fellow CEOs or other influential people. Finance staff may target business gurus for research purposes. Remote staff or location based staff can target residents of these locations.
  6. After the group has completed the over-arching model then individuals should focus on their section (see image) to complete the content Rule of Thirds.
  7. The team needs to agree a common approach to going online e.g. the initials of the company at the end of their Twitter handle, profile and image guidelines. Keep them simple and memorable, most importantly involve the team in producing the guidelines and they’ll be more likely to follow them.
  8. Don’t be afraid to try things out online. The nature of social media is that everything changes fast - a few years ago there were no such things as business pages on Facebook!
  9. Manage expectations of the target audiences, let them know these are business accounts and not monitored 24 hours a day.
  10. The core team monitors the KPIs and reports back on a weekly basis to the whole company celebrating success.

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