Hope, Faith Trust and Social Media Advocacy

Hope, Faith Trust and Social Media Advocacy

It’s a commonly known fact that the best results in marketing campaigns, business development and sales processes come when you have been introduced, recommended or advocated by a colleague or friend.

It should come as no surprise then that word of mouth, be it face to face or more likely nowadays through social networks, can produce some of the best return on investment of your time and energy in your marketing, communications and sales efforts.

The reason for this is through the long-held belief that people buy from people rather than buying for product features and benefits. The latter just happens to be a positive by-product from the sales and marketing transaction.

90% of the buying decision comes from whether a person likes the brand or sales person. So why is this word of mouth advocacy so effective?

Well, it’s because of the Hope, Faith, Trust model. The buyer firstly has hope they can find a solution to their problem or need. Secondly when they engage with you and your marketing or first touch points in the sales process they gain faith that you will solve this problem or need. Then as they get deeper into the engagement they gain trust that you will deliver the value they are seeking.

The great thing about advocacy and it seems particularly social media advocacy where it’s all done in public, is that 80% of the Hope, Faith, Trust journey is completed by the recommendation. In other words they are almost at the point where the buying decision is made, even before you have met them or they have personally engaged with you, your brand, your products or services.

Social advocacy and word of mouth should therefore form a core part of your marketing strategy, whatever you are selling.