Google Analytics and End of Year Marketing Reports

Google Analytics and End of Year Marketing Reports

At this time of the year we are in ‘final review’ mode with may of our clients. In an attempt to send out good news and areas of improvement, the gathering of digital data is vital. It is particularly important to balance reporting across all the areas where digital activity may have influenced results.

For these reasons here are some links to useful resources to help you create the ultimate report:

1. Website Performance - Google Analytics
2. Social Media Influence - Klout
3. Social Network Performance - Social Report
4. Campaign Sentiment - BrandMentions

Remember that management want to know about outcomes and not just data, so report back how the data helps to show evidence for what happened and the value that marketing added. If you find yourself reporting information or numbers then challenge yourself with the question, “and this means that…..” and keep asking it.

The best marketers turn information into intelligence. The numbers empower great decision making, the creation of future strategies and importantly, set yourself up for a great year to come.