Give Marketing Your ALL : ask, listen, log

Give Marketing Your ALL : ask, listen, log

​Customer relationship management techniques can be dressed up in all sorts of marketing jargon from marketing and management information systems, customer or user experience, customer journey or market insights. Whatever you call it and however you and your company define it things all boil down to three simple and logical steps. To ask, to listen and to log. You might even say, to ask, to listen and to learn.

Ask - if you want or need to know what your customers are thinking or what they want then it is simply a case of asking them. Select a broad range of types and styles of customers who collectively represent the widest set of views and ask pertinent and probing questions about how you are performing, your products, your brand, and the service levels you are delivering.

Listen - be open and truly listen. Try to avoid preconceived ideas and preconceptions of the answers. Listen to what your customers say with honesty and report back to your company the reality without dressing it up to protect the guilty if things aren’t quite what they could be.

Log - keep detailed records of your customer feedback, aggregate reports to find trends and priorities that can help shape new product development, improvements to service and innovations in process and systems. You could also think of this step as Learn as well because the collection and collation of customer relationship data is only as good as the changes that it inspires.

To achieve true customer relationships you must ask, you must listen and you must log and act on what you hear both positive and negative.

Give marketing your ALL.