Get a Grip of Your Marketing

Get a Grip of Your Marketing

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace and with the uncertainties of the impact of Brexit and continued global financial and political turbulence, it’s vital to continually assess and improve your marketing development.

Here are 9 of the key elements that you should be continuously reviewing and integrating into your monthly, quarterly and annual business reviews:

Insights - Constantly look for significant trends in technology, competitor performance, customer preferences and new product and market opportunities

Strategy - Determine exactly what your Unique Sales Proposition is and continuously review it to ensure that it is genuinely unique. This is your core competence that competitors can’t emulate and as such it should be at the centre of your marketing and sales communications

Customer Voice - Always be listening to your most profitable and value customer personas. These are the customers who’s voice you must reflect back into your organisation so that you are continuously providing products, services and marketing messages to them that enable them to perceive the great value that you are adding to their world

Brand - Remember that your people, as well as your company style, tone of voice, logo and digital footprint, should be at the centre of your brand. Everyone in your firm has a part to play in appropriately conveying the value you are adding to the customers’ experience

Integration - Joining up all of your marketing is key to both being able to measure the effectiveness as well as providing a consistent customer journey. Regular review of the appropriateness and performance of all marketing tools is vital to keep the journey relevant and the marketing resources efficient

Digital - Leading on from the integration, with the proliferation of new digital technologies, social media platforms and devices, it’s all about prioritising what’s relevant as communication channels from your customers’ perspective rather than simply jumping on each and every new opportunity

Proposition - Always a key element in the marketing communications mix, your core proposition (sometimes called a strapline) must continuously reflect the perceived value the customers seek. if it isn’t, and you will likely need to be constantly asking them, then it’s time for either a rebrand, some fine tuning and perhaps a full customer research or satisfaction survey

Partners - As the world becomes ever-more interconnected, the opportunities for collaboration, association and partnership cannot be ignored in the most progressive of organisations. How are you currently and in the future, planning on being accessible and responsive to partnership opportunities?

Metrics - ROI is at the heart of effective sales, marketing and business management. A key part of each and every review meeting should be your dashboard, a means of watching and responding to even the most subtle of observable trends.

For help with one or all of these essential elements in the successful development of your business, do get in touch.