From Private View to Exclusive View

From Private View to Exclusive View

​There is something in the world of art exhibitions that plays to the ego of regular and loyal art buyers. This is the private view.

The private view is designed to make the regular buyer feel a little more special because it is typically held on the evening before the main public opening. Invitees are the fans and VIPs who circulate around the works of art with their canapés and glass of bubbly. Feeling special and with the assistance of the aforementioned bubbly they have more of a propensity to buy.

But speak to the uber buyers, the real art collectors and they will tell you that even the private view isn’t private enough. So should be offer the Exclusive View?

To my mind the exclusive view is something to which all marketers should aspire in the customer journey they offer to their most loyal advocates. The exclusive view could be the one-on-one hand-holding around the exhibition. More space, more time and a truly personal service. Their guide explaining more about the artist and each work. A personal-shopper experience in the gallery without the hustle and bustle of the private view where fans clamour to buy the most popular work.

Customer loyalty is a two way street. In return for exclusiveness and added value service the customer is expected to make more and higher value purchases and it’s likely they will do so.

So can you identify a small subset of your most loyal customers and design a journey for them similar to this exclusive view? It should pay back, on both sides.