Focus on the Steps to your Goals

Focus on the Steps to your Goals

​Sports coaches tell their proteges to focus. You listen to the radio and you tune in. When you take a photograph you focus the lens. Everywhere you look there are examples of focusing.

To focus is to set the centre of interest or activity. Synonyms include, focal point, central point, centre of attention, hub, heart, core. The dictionary definition includes “the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition”. A focus is sharp, crisp, distinct, clear, well defined, well focused and a device on a lens that can be adjusted to produce a clear image.

A verb I particularly like is to “adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly”.

When you are creating a strategy, that all important route map to a better, stronger and more robust future, what better than to think about the verb ‘focus’.

By focusing you strip away all of the unnecessary, all of the distractions, all of those things that can encourage you to stray from your path.

If you are doing things today, right now, that are not adding direct value to the achievement of those goals that you set in your strategy then you are doing things that are moving you away from it. Focus is the answer.

Take a look at everything you have done so far today. Which things have been focused on your strategy and which things have been distractions? Make a pact with yourself and your ToDo list that you will only focus on tasks, actions and steps that move you ever closer to achieving your goals. Everything else is a distraction and once you recognise each thing then you can decide not to do it again.

Careful task and action planning and focusing on the clear steps to your goals is at the heart of successful strategic planning and delivery.