FLOSS : 5 Tips for business growth through marketing

FLOSS : 5 Tips for business growth through marketing

​Finance, Leadership, Operations, Strategy and Sales (FLOSS)

Not a word there about social media, brochures, direct mail campaigns and advertising. The most value you are likely to get from your marketing is when you properly utilise the full definition of the function.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not only about communications and promotions. How the term has been used and abused over the years by low value tactical players. Ask anyone on the street what they understand by the word marketing and the answer will almost certainly contain a variety of promotional terms.

True marketing is a strategic science. It should consider creating and supporting the following 5 elements of successful business management:

Finance - work closely, hand in hand with the accountants and forecasters. Who better than marketing to add in some customer and market focused reality to the spreadsheets.

Leadership - so often in lowly positions, elevate your best marketers into leadership roles and all them to drive the voice of the customer throughout the organisation.

Operations - align your marketers with the engine house of the business to help plan production volumes and product specifics. If marketing leads the delivery of the customer journey you’ll see great value returned.

Strategy - marketing has so many invaluable tools to help drive the business forward towards a common goal. Let the marketers plan, delivery, monitor, analyse and report and you’ll see so much more than how they colour in the pictures and join the dots in the company brochure.

Sales - it really is possible to align your sales and marketing for mutual benefit. It all starts with common goals and shared incentives.

Think today about how you can redefine marketing in your own business and push for more value and evidence of return on investments. Contact us if you struggle and we’ll point you in the right direction.