Facebook: Personal versus Business

Facebook: Personal versus Business

Facebook wants everyone to have a single personal login for their own activity. This allows everyone to own their own personal profile and use Facebook as themselves, liking, commenting etc. as themselves.

Individuals can then, when logged in as themselves, set up a Business Page. As the ‘owner’ of the business page you have administrator/manager rights and can assign other personal accounts (individuals) to administer and publish content on your business page.

Depending on what administrator rights a particular individual has when they want to act on behalf of the business page (in other words be seen as the business page rather than as themselves), they may either see that when they are on the business page they can automatically post and comment as the business page rather than as themselves individually.

If this isn’t happening automatically then the quick and easy way to post as the business is to look at the top right corner of the Facebook page and click the little downward arrow. This brings up a drop down menu and the option to select ‘Use Facebook as…’. Clicking on either yourself or the business page (or any other business page for which you have adminstrator rights) lets you use Facebook either as yourself or as your Business page.

In this way you can then (if you have clicked on ‘use Facebook as’ <my business page>) use all of Facebook as though you are your business page rather than you as an individual and like, comment and post to other pages as your business rather than as yourself.

This feature has been designed by Facebook to allow people to have personal accounts that they may keep private at the same time as business pages they want to make public.

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