Everything Everywhere or Everything appropriate Everywhere I need it?

Everything Everywhere or Everything appropriate Everywhere I need it?

The more Big Data infiltrates cloud computing, cloud marketing and social media the more there is a danger we are proliferating one of the most annoying elements of our connected world.

Social media, online advertising, integrated digital TV experiences, the noise and chatter of content, interaction and communication is everywhere.

As we enjoy the benefits of blanket wifi coverage in cities, superfast broadband in rural areas and the likely next iteration of web services in what I have been calling Cloud Marketing for a couple of years, we may also see simply too much noise and herein lies our challenge.

There are numerous benefits of living in a fully connected world with data and content empowering us anytime, any place. But there will be times, and in fact probably most of the time, when we want to carefully filter out extraneous noise to be able to focus on what’s really important and relevant and what truly adds value to our real lives.

Everything Everywhere is an interesting brand position because in many ways it introduces the idea of empowerment. You can have everything everywhere but in fact that’s just potential. What we really need is everything appropriate, everywhere we need it. In that way we can fuse digital experiences and especially those through our mobile devices, with the different needs that we have at different times of the day and in different physical places, and these all based on our chosen privacy settings and personal preferences.

For the marketer of the (near) future it will be all about a detailed understanding of the needs and desires of the customer so that they are able to fine tune their messages, not to overload, and to ensure that timing and relevance are factored into all communication.

Do you have this level of understanding of your customers? Now would be a good time to begin…