Elevator Pitch on Steroids: Being a Social Business: part 3

Elevator Pitch on Steroids: Being a Social Business: part 3

Imagine you are going to an event, conference or seminar and thinking you'll be able to sit near the back to quietly absorb information and ideas. On arrival you are ushered into a quiet corner to be invited to take centre stage because the scheduled presenter is unable to make it.

How would this make you feel? If the answer includes one or more of the following then you have work to do:

1. It would strike the fear of god into me
2. Where would I start
3. I need a powerpoint presentation to hide behind
4. Speaking to a packed audience isn't my thing
5. People wouldn't be interested in what I have to say

The current trend to becoming a Social Business takes on many forms. It's not just about being active online, contributing to Linkedin Discussion Groups or constantly tweeting. It's about having a clear understanding not only of how to succinctly get across the messages that are most important about your products and services but also the idea of giving a little something away for free with the aim of inspiring interest, gaining trust and enhancing credibility.

It was a little exercise I tried yesterday evening when presented with exactly this situation. Thrust into the limelight on stage (a place I have to admit I do enjoy after many years leading training sessions and workshops) as one of two people who drew (as I see it) the long straw.

So what did I talk about? The subject matter that I was intending to listen to had the scheduled presenter been able to make it.

But for me it was about positioning a single idea, in my case our magic Rule of Thirds, in the minds of the audience. Rather than spout on about how Viper Marketing had done this, and achieved that, far better to spin your elevator pitch in a language the audience understands and to give a little something away for free that they can try when they get home.

It's not about being clever or intelligent, a great networker or public speaker. It's about having some core subjects in your toolkit that you can wheel out and share with no notice. You really do get what you give and for me it has been proven since the event by the number of high quality invitations to connect via Linkedin with people in the audience.

It's always 'work in progress'. Anyone who thinks they have a Social Business that's complete, is missing the point. It's an evolutionary situation that you never crack but with a little planning, foresight and luck you can hopefully come somewhere close.

So I challenge you…. take 15 minutes and see if you can talk about what you do, in a language I'd understand, so that I understand what you do, without you talking about your products and services. Go on… I dare you….