Electronic Component Sales Representative Interview on the Value of Sales Outsourcing

Electronic Component Sales Representative Interview on the Value of Sales Outsourcing

Neil: As an electronic component sales representative in Europe you have exposure to the trends in the Passive, Interconnect and Electromechanical sector. What are the most significant trends you are seeing at the moment?

Kevin: We are starting to see the take up and integration of USB C as the emerging interconnect technology.

Neil: Which countries in Europe currently offer the highest potential for growth for electronic component sales?

Kevin: In my opinion there is potential for growth in all countries. The key is to develop strategic partnerships with local distribution and then provide them with a level of support second to none. Success will breed success. We have seen significant growth in both Western Europe and Eastern European countries such as Slovenia and Lithuania. The chain of command should be Manufacturer—-> Sales Representative—-> Distribution—-> Customer.

Neil: For electronics manufacturers outside of Europe there could be a percept that European countries are structured and operate in the same way. What are the key differences you have found?

Kevin: Cultural differences will always have to be considered. It is always very important to understand how the system works in Europe, what is expected by the customers and then fall in line. For example, it may not be a policy to provide a price list to your Asian Distributors, but in Europe it could be essential and provide significant time savings. The differences are multiple and Principals need to listen to the representative to understand what works best.

Neil: As the PIE electronics market in Europe ebbs and flows, there is increasing or decreasing demand for particular types of product. What are the star products at the moment?

Kevin: LED Lighting is still flowing, therefore our star product in this area would be our LED Wire Traps.

Neil: At Elec-Rep you offer an outsourced electronic component sales and marketing representation service. Why does this mean in practice for the manufacturers?

Kevin: Simply Elec-Rep offers a ready made solution i.e. long established contacts, long established networks and most important of all a conscientious work force working to a mutually agreed plan with regular reviews via a professional reporting structure. Everything is transparent.

Neil: So if I am a passive, interconnect or electromechanical manufacturer seeking to break into Europe, why should I be interested in Elec-Rep?

Kevin: Well in addition to our ready-made solution, you gain a true business development partner not just an extension of your team.

Neil: So if an electronic component manufacture is considering entering the European Market place what three key things should they consider?

Kevin: Firstly, that any venture into Europe is a joint venture, therefore the cost has to be shared. As I always say, we at least have to cover the cost of the coffee and toilet rolls! Secondly, we have tried and tested methods evolved around Key Account Management, Application Specific Research, Professional Report & Review. And thirdly, cost effective market entry is vital. If you like proof of concept, you will always be given the option to try before you buy, but this is not free either!

Kevin White is Co-Founder and Director of Elec-Rep, who provide a Gateway to Europe for PIE electronics manufacturers. Connect with Kevin on Linkedin.