Do You Need an App?

Do You Need an App?

Considering developing an app for your customers, or developing an app for a ‘new idea?’

Today, everything including trading and payment is handled on mobile, but, do you really need an app to stay with the times? The rising statistics in mobile engagement are increasing right across globe, and we as executives and business owners are asking the question; Will M-Commerce overtake E-Commerce? The answer according to retail experts is a resounding yes. Take a look at this infographic exploring the M-commerce rise by Bing Digital and here according to the Huffington Post ‘there are nearly as many mobile devices as people in the world’ & to worry you further ‘more iphones sold in the world than babies being born’ as reported by TNW.

If you are considering the development of an app for promotion reasons, or for new ways to monetise your digital exposure there are certain things to consider:

Have you considered a DIY option?

There are quite a few simple, effective and ‘non-precious’ ways of developing an app yourself. Take Google’s app inventor tool - you don’t need to be a developer and with a little technical knowledge and/or tinkering you can create a user-friendly app which could very well meet your needs without spiraling budget concerns. You do, of course, get what you pay for, however, so as a word to the wise - you may still need to consult with your digital agency / marketing team to ensure…

You have a sound strategy?

Sounds like an obvious one, but it is vital when embarking on such a potentially unknown and time consuming option that you have considered your target market, their drivers, and ultimate purchasing behaviours. Some pointers can be taken from our marketing plan on a page However as this is a specialist area, it would be wise to check your plans with experienced mobile and online marketing experts before beginning your app creation.

Is it simply an idea or customer-centric app?

Are you considering the development of an app with your consumer in mind and will this add a new dimension & platform to an existing consumer base? Whilst we (especially in the creative sector) are great at regularly coming up with new idea’s you need to ask yourself whether it really has sound customer focused application. Remember to do your research, ask your existing clientele using a short survey & ask the experts to guide you through the options.

Can you keep the content flowing?

Finally, as with all online activities, you must ensure you have the ability and capacity to keep the content flowing. Mobile apps, websites and social media need to be regularly updated , in order to maintain solid ranking, and to ensure customers are flowing. We are bombarded with marketing messages by a plethora or platforms today, and if you fail to update your app often enough, your users could be inclined to move over to another platform or indeed another product.

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