Direct Mail or General Mail?

Direct Mail or General Mail?

In marketing we have to be specific and clear. It’s all about saying what we mean and doing it in such a way that for the receiver it’s easy to translate.

So when we receive spam and junk mail the marketer who has sent it will likely be calling it Direct Mail. This is because traditionally it was a communication, printed or electronic, that was sent directly to a database of people. Today we should be calling this General Mail… we still receive it, lots of it, and it’s unwelcome.

Today the term Direct Mail means so much more. We have the technology and insight to be able to target down to a one-to-one level. Pure customisation of addressee, message, content and images. This is truly direct, relevant and appropriate. Anything less than a bespoke direct mail journey is general mail and clearly less engaging and lower responses can be expected.

It’s all about cost and return. The cost and complexity of General Mail is relatively low and for Direct Mail certainly higher on both counts. However a marketer should do the maths because it may be that it’s appropriate for the returns and General Mail is cost effective. It’s all about balance. Sometimes you’ll need to make general announcements and in this case General Mail is fine but because your customers are expecting great value and real attention, the time has arrived when Direct Mail, real direct mail, is the priority and expected more often than not.

Your investment of time and budget is likely to be more with Direct Mail than General Mail, but monitor those returns and you should find that you are reaping the rewards.

(Original idea : Paul Skuse, )