Digital Marketing Maturity: The Journey to Cloud Marketing

Digital Marketing Maturity: The Journey to Cloud Marketing

It's quite simple to do the maths when you look at the rate of change of trends in digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Maturity: The Journey to Cloud Marketing
1997 Dawn of Digital Marketing
2007 Traditional Digital Marketing Maturity 10 years
2010 Social Media web2.0 Maturity 5 years
2013 Content Marketing Maturity 3 years
2015 Location Based Marketing 2 years
2016 Cloud Marketing 1 year

We know that digital marketing has been with us since the mid 1990s and what a great asset it has been. With global reach, audience profiling and ultimate measurability it has been a breath of fresh air to marketers across the world.

We also know that we have never had so little time to keep up with the fast changing digital environment. Never a day passes without a new social network, measurement tool or online opportunity present itself. Great on the one hand to be part of such a dynamic and progressive industry but challenging on the other to know in which basket to put our eggs and just how far out to develop our strategies.

The last thing we need is to bet on the wrong horse, what's the next big thing and what will come after that? Well I believe, as I have been saying for a couple of years, that the signs are very clear in that we are all heading for the cloud.

With the concept, adoption and interactions on social media now feeling as though they have reached maturity in many market sectors and in most countries, the progressive marketer is searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. This year that light is shining brightly as Content Marketing: The creation of engaging, inspirational and practical content that guides customers, clients, partners and friends along a carefully choreographed journey through the mass of products, brands, services and digital noise.

Content Marketing will take many forms: the written word (blogs), video (YouTube, Vimeo) and images (Pinterest, Instagram) being the most obvious. Media we can create, adapt and improve today. This is clear.

But tomorrow? With the rapid rise in mobile access of digital communication through smartphone and tablet we are nearing the elusive and what promises to be explosive, growth of the long awaited Location Based Services. Your phone knows where it is, your preferences and privacy settings and already we are seeing a plethora of value added location-enabled marketing beginning to arrive in our hand. The date if the trend continues appears to be sometime in 2015, less than 24 months from the time of writing.

And next is the brave new world we call Cloud Marketing, just months after that. Cloud Marketing? A world in which we don't need websites and perhaps not Search as we currently know it. It could be a world in which our location, preferences, privacy, calendar and past behaviours provide us with a blended digital and real world experience wherever, whenever and however we are.

If you feel this is fantasy then watch the signs and remember the speed of change… it's coming and it's coming very soon.

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