Digital Content Is About You Not Me

Digital Content Is About You Not Me

There are a few simple steps in the art of writing effective content online that turn a tweet or a blog about Me into an engagement or start of a conversation about You:

Step 1. Remember that content is a combination of words, images and video. What will your audience want to experience, read, see, hear and watch?

Step 2. Prioritise your audience. You can’t write for everyone at the same time so focus on those people most likely to listen, to engage and ultimately to add value to your strategy.

Step 3. Using Post-its, describe your organisation, products and services in motivating and engaging words and short phrases and in a language that your highest priority audience will understand. This is your content pot.

Step 4. Build a Content Wheel, putting the words and phrases from step 3 into one of the three Rule of Thirds segments (Point, Personal, Promote) to balance what you’ll say and when.

Step 5. Look at your Website. What will your priority audience search with? Use the terms from your content wheel to build motivating and SEO-rich copy. Keep it concise, avoid repetition and use ‘You’ instead of ‘We’ or ‘I’.

Step 6. Signpost specific pages and content on your website using Twitter. Remember # to glue your tweets to other people’s tweets on the same subject. This will enhance both profile but importantly, relevance.

Step 7. Point to your web content using e-Newsletters. Turn bland title/subject lines into engaging hooks using your content wheel. It’s a News letter and news is about people.

Step 8. If you have a personal opinion on a subject use the content wheel to populate and build blogs that position you or your ‘face of the organisation’ as current, relevant, informed and leave the reader with a clear ‘call to action’; what do you want them to do next.

Step 9. Without overtly using copy-and-paste, ensure Linkedin, Facebook and other social networks utilise all of the above because great digital content works across all platforms.

If this is the first time you have seriously considered how and why you produce digital content then you might feel as though you need a little guidance? We run in-house and public courses in the subject so do get in touch and let us know what help you need.