Design a Logo for a Graphic Designer

Design a Logo for a Graphic Designer

It’s a simple task for someone like me with 11 years of experience to build a logo for any kind of brand. But this question jumped to my mind today, “Do you know how to design a logo for a graphic designer?”

It took me 15 minutes of silence and a 100,000 questions in my mind. I decided I could and I accepted the challenge.

I started with the color schemes, then moved to the part of collecting the items I’ll use in the logo. Then it's on to typeface and beyond…

I did everything as usual but this time I found that it’s totally different from any other logos design. But suddenly I got it; I knew why this silly and challenging question came to my mind.

It’s not about a logo to design it’s about building an impressive brand existence to not only sell, but also to get people believing in the brand. To give this brand a chance to help deliver their communication strategies.

It’s a full marketing process. Not only designing a logo but to establishing a full brand equity. A laugh was heard through my lips and reminded me that whenever a project sounds small and unimportant it can still be as complicated as the biggest briefs

It’s all about the strategy behind the brand and not just the brand's style itself.