Creating Flow in Marketing Communications

Creating Flow in Marketing Communications

I am going to take a few analogies to set the scene about how important it is to create and maintain flow in your marketing communications.

In rivers, dams are an inhibitor that prevents the energy of the river flowing and benefitting everyone and everything downstream. In your house or office you have many lights and lamps but without the energy of the electricity flow there is no illumination and you sit in the dark. In projects when there are bottlenecks; times when there is not enough resource or perhaps limited experience or knowledge; the flow of the activities and actions stalls. In finance we always talk about cashflow, the love hate relationship between invoicing in a timely manner and getting paid on time to enable the fulfilment of debt commitments.

In spirituality there are many who believe the intentions you set in your life work with the flow of the energy in the universe and conspire to deliver to you everything in your vision. And with friendships they only work well when there’s a regular two-way flow of love, value and caring; in all ways the flow of human energy.

So with these examples in mind and an understanding that flow is all around us and an integral part of how the world works we come to using this in developing more effective marketing communications.

The rule is simple and we see it in numerous situations. It’s called Drip Feed.

By maintaining regular, low level but useful engagement in all your marketing communications you remain front of mind for your target audience. Gone are the monthly newsletters where you would have waited for a month to relay that golden nugget of information and by the time the audience receives it then it’s out of date. Gone is the ‘I leave my social networking until Friday afternoon because it fits my calendar’ as that is simply a burst of meaningless energy and likely to arrive when your target audience is away and focused on other things. Gone is the paid advertising of old where you had to invest your hard earned cash on the off chance that your audience would see your advertisement and even less likely that they would respond.

The best way to create flow in your marketing communications is undoubtedly to think of drip feeding your messages. Balance them by the Rule of Thirds and ensure that little and often, and at the times you’ve researched that your audience is most likely to engage, is the way you communicate. In this way you ensure that there is a steady and positive flow of incoming engagement for your organisation.