Cloud Marketing Definition

Cloud Marketing Definition

Cloud Marketing is the delivery of an integrated digital and real world experience, personalised for every individual, based on their needs, desires, preferences, activities, past behaviours and location.

Blah, blah, blah I hear you thinking! Yet another unsubstantiated marketing spin on the world we already know.

But bear with me a moment because what I have defined here is a fundamental shift in the way companies and brands will need to market themselves in the future. A bold claim, but we can already see the world moving in this direction as the power of the communication shifts away from companies into social conversations online and peer to peer reviews without the need for brands to be involved at all.

The use of a cloud-based approach where users can pull information on demand or have information pushed to them based on their location, preferences and behaviour will open up hitherto unknown opportunities for the cloud-savvy marketer.

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