Building on a Commercial Wasteland

Building on a Commercial Wasteland

We all know one. The business that is doing things because it’s always done things that way. It knows it’s customers, it’s processes are tried and tested and it feels no need or desire to change. What’s the worst that can happen? After all if it’s always worked it will always work and if it’s not broken then we shouldn’t try to fix it.

There is a fundamental rule in nature that it will reclaim itself from any artificial change. Plant a garden and leave it untended and eventually the weeds and faster growing plants will reclaim and revert it to a natural state. This rule if applied in business reflects the fact that if you perceive that nothing is changing then it is you who have a misperception because as they say, change is inevitable.

Decision makers in some companies, often those with most longevity and historic success, can bury their collective heads in the sand. They rest on their laurels in blind oblivion at the change that is happening around them. Often it will be too late if they don’t change before the changes take effect.

The best advice is to continually reinvent, build and improve. Listen carefully to the outside world and refurbish, rebuild and explore new opportunities. Stand still and you won’t be standing still because you will be taking one more backward step into a commercial wasteland.

What commercial information can you turn into an insight for change today?