Brexit and your Marketing

Brexit and your Marketing

Brexit and Marketing: What you should do now…

It is inevitable that we may feel a little less confident in committing to marketing over the coming months of uncertainty. But there are always positives if you look hard enough.

CIM have issued a short article about the value of focusing on marketing and a positive comment on the article leads us to thinking about how and where we can spot opportunities for growth, despite unsettling times.

When the going gets tough and your competitors reduce their commitment to marketing it’s exactly when you need to think of yours as an investment rather than a cost. If you think of marketing as a cost and continue to do so, then it’s time to delve into your plans, campaigns and day to day activities to find the evidence that demonstrates a greater return on your investment of time, people and budget. Undoubtedly some of your marketing is great and some of your marketing is weak. The trick is understanding where your best results and returns are coming from. It’s all about focus and prioritisation.

Right here, right now, is the time to revisit your marketing and business development plans and how you will measure the great outcomes that you can still strive for, despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

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